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iSHONi was founded in the early 90s by Manuela Federica Krebser with the aim of offering different solutions in the field of merchandising. This includes not only the best qualities, but above all individual designs for business accessoires such as ties, scarfs, towels and porcelain gifts. After all, the business accessories should please, be beautiful and make sense.

The name iSHONi has earned an international reputation in the world of design. For almost 30 years, many brands and companies have been working with iSHONi.

Our customers appreciate not only our creative work, but also our punctual service. In addition, we offer products that fully or partially provide proof of quality in terms of sustainability, such as organic products or products made with solar energy. 

We are happy to let you into the world of iSHONi: get inspired and feel the variety of creative ideas we can offer your company.